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Want To Make It In the NBA?

posted Jul 2, 2012, 3:29 PM by Daniel Fugitt
It never ceases to amaze me how much the NBA covets size. Not talented size, just good ole size. It shouldnt surprise anyone anymore. 6'3 guards are a dime a dozen, but the fact that there are a limited number of 6'10 and above guys on the planet makes it so that if you are even remotely coordinated, there is a spot for you in The League. Take for instance the following off season developments. 

Roy Hibbert, and his 7'2 frame, is about to receive a max contract. Yes, a max contract for a cat that averages 11 and 6 over the course of his career. For reference, Lebron has averaged 28, 7 and 7 for the same amount of cash. 

Omer Asik, a 7-footer from Turkey that I had never heard of before today, has just signed a three year, 25 million dollar deal with Houston. Thats over eight million per year for career averages of 2.9 points and 4.4 rebounds. But, to be fair, he exploded last year for 3.1 and 5.3.

Detroit is courting a 7-footer from Ukraine and I wont even attempt to spell his name. I'll just call him Mr. K. I didn't look very hard for his stats, but I couldn't find any. I couldn't recollect hearing about him last year either. Detroit also used the #9 overall pick on Andre Drummond out of UConn, another 7-footer. He came to UConn as the top big man in the class but his questionable work ethic and overall "dont give a fuck" attitude led him to averages of 10 and 8 while shooting worse from the FT line than Ben Wallace did at any point in his career.

The following guys were selected in the 1st round of the 2012 NBA draft: Myers Leonard (couldnt make the All-Big 10 team, but he is 7'1), John Henson (extremely limited offensive game, but has improved greatly since his freshman year, when he could barely dribble. He does, however, blocks shots and he's 6'11), Andrew Nicholson (He's a 6'10 dude from St. Bonaventure...I have nothing to say about him. I had literally never heard of him before the draft), Fab Melo (he averaged 8 and 6 for Syracuse and he's 7 feet tall), and Miles Plumlee (average 6 and 7 for Duke...awkward and 7 feet tall).

The moral of the story is not to hope that your son grows to be 6'6 with an awesome jump shot and a great vertical... the moral is to hope that your son grows to be 7'1 and awkward with a limited offensive game. He's sure to be drafted then.