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Tim Tebow

posted Nov 28, 2011, 12:27 PM by Daniel Fugitt
He's kinda like Jesus.  That's at least how the majority of people see him.  I don't hate Tebow in the way I hate some other teams/athletes.  I say that because hate is not the word to describe Tebow.  He never says the wrong thing or does anything to get an opposing fan base going.. what he does do, however, is get the media (and everyone on facebook) to blow him constantly.  It's ridiculous.  I am so sick of hearing about him. 
I had four years of him at Florida where all you heard was "Tebow, Leader, Champion, Heart, Winner, Tebow, Fire, Desire - GO PLANET!".  I then got a nice little break when he was buried on the depth chart in Denver...but now.. he's back, ready to ruin my Sportscenter experience.  Let's get something straight.  Tim Tebow is not the sole reason Denver is winning ball games now.  He's definitely a part of it... he is managing the offense nicely and not turning the ball over... but he also has a stat lines of 6/17 passing for 38 yards.  He is a TERRIBLE quarterback.  If you want to peg someone as the reason for Denver about giving the defense some credit.  It makes a terrible offense's job a LOT easier when you can score 14 and win a game.  So, here's to you Denver defense... Ill give you some credit, even if ESPN won't.
Im still waiting for Champ Bailey to explode in a press conference and punch Tebow out so the D can atleast get some attention.. ANY attention.