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The NCAA hates fun...

posted Oct 12, 2011, 8:26 AM by Daniel Fugitt
Anybody who watched Florida get destroyed for the second straight week this past Saturday had to be having fun.  I'm sure the LSU players had tons of fun.  You beat a rival by 30 points, you better be enjoying yourself... unless the NCAA steps in.  Near the end of the first quarter, LSU's punter (I dont know his name, he's the punter) runs in a fake from 60 yards out and celebrated.. sort the last 10 yards of his touchdown run.  It wasnt even really a celebration.. he did the airplane for about two steps before he realized that he was about to get crushed by a 265 pound line backer and he should probably start running again.  Regardless... the refs threw a flag and enforced the NCAA's new celebration rule.  No touchdown and a 15 yard unsportsman like conduct penalty.  Really?  For that?  Listen.. I take the 1980s Miami stance on this.  If you don't want me to celebrate, then don't let me in the damn endzone.  And if I chose to celebrate on my way to a scoring romp, it only hurts me.  I've gotta slow down to let all the ladies see me while I score and put on a show for the crowd.  That means advantage to you.  Catch up with me.