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Its been a while...

posted Nov 13, 2012, 4:14 PM by Daniel Fugitt
I admit, I've been slacking.  Lot's of stuff has happened since the summer.  Most notably (for UK fans), Joker Phillips has been fired at UK.  Everyone from Bobby Petrino to Rex Ryan has been rumored to be replacing him.  Honestly, I dont care who we get, I just want to be competitive.  Logic would say, then, that Mr. Petrino is the man for the job and I think he would win immediately.  However, the "burning every bridge" baggage that he brings with him makes it a difficult hire.  

UK sucking so bad, however, has given me more time to watch good football.  I've been watching a LOT of Alabama and Ohio State this year (Braxton Miller is simply amazing) and I made a road trip to Gainesville to watching LSU/Florida (write up on that soon).  What I dont want to see is a title game involving Kansas State or Notre Dame..that would be mind numbingly boring and slooooow.  I want Oregon and Alabama.  So, Im really hoping that KSU and Notre Dame make that happen for me and everyone outside of Manhattan and South Bend.