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Browns' Season Kicks Off Tonight

posted Aug 13, 2011, 1:47 PM by Daniel Fugitt   [ updated Aug 13, 2011, 2:06 PM ]
    Most of my posts on here will more than likely be sports related as that it what primarily runs my life.  For my inaugural post, I will briefly talk about the potential disaster vs the Packers that will air tonight on the NFL Network at 730.  I've lived my entire life in Kentucky, but whole heartedly support the Cleveland Browns, just as my dad does (who is from Cleveland).   Being a Browns fan is unique.  It is by no means a bandwagon team, so when you see an individual wearing Browns gear, you know he is a real fan.  He knows who Dwayne Rudd is, he knows about the Kardiac Kids and Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, The Move.  All of these events are burned into any Browns fan's memory (even if you didnt watch the games live, as I didnt for several of them).  

    As a result of all of the terrible luck the Browns have had over the years, you begin to look at tonight's game, and even the season as a whole, in a negative light (even more so when the Browns went 5-11 last year and the Packers won the Super Bowl).  My hope for this year's club?  Simply be competitive.  I'm being serious.  If Cleveland goes 3-13, but is in every game and looks good, then that is improvement.  The Browns won five games last year, but looked like a cohesive NFL unit.  Hell, they even beat two of the best teams in the league in consecutive weeks.  To add to that, my boy Peyton Hillis broke out and become the first white player to run for over 1,000 yards since Craig James.  Add in a solid draft and I am excited about this year's team.  Not excited in the sense that Patriots fans or Packers fans are...but you know what I mean...  well, Cleveland fans do.