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AP Hates Minnesota's Offensive Coordinator

posted Oct 17, 2011, 7:04 AM by Daniel Fugitt
     Atleast I hope he does.  I don't know what the OC's name is... I didnt bother to look it up.  But, he has the best back in the game and thinks he has Jerome Harrison or something.  I'm surprised Adrian hasn't walked up to him yet with an ultimatum.  "How 'bout you give me the ball before I F you up." 
     The Vikings' offense struggled its way again last night to a 39-10 beat down at the hands of the Bears.  AP had a season low 12 carries and 39 yards and accounted for Minnesota's only touchdown of the game.  He has had LESS than 20 carries in THREE of his teams six games and has only had more than 25 carries ONE time.. Week 5 vs Arizona where he (surprise!!!) had 122 yards and three scores.  It was also the Vikings' only win of the season. There seems to be a pattern there.
     Now, to be fair, it would be one thing if Minnesota was down big in most games and had to air it out in order to catch up...but that's no where near the case.  No... what has been happening is the Vikings build up an early lead and the piss it away in the 2nd half because they let Peyton Ma... I mean Donovan McNabb go all Hal Mumme on people.  Lets do a little break Minnesota's first four games, they lost by an average of under five points a game, but held an average halftime lead of two touchdowns!  I've already discussed AP not getting touches.. but to compound that, Donovan McNabb has thrown the ball 30 times or more in THREE games.  This isnt 2004 McNabb... its the McNabb who threw more picks than TDs last year.  What is McNabb doing throwing the ball?  Why does he have that option?  RUN THE DAMN BALL.